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Top 10 Car Insurance Companies

Knowing that the car insurance company you have picked is among the top ones in the United States can make you sleep better at night. Coverage doesn’t only mean a piece of paper and a receipt, you have to know that, in case of an accident, someone is there to assist you and pay for the damages.

There are many “Top Tens” of car insurers and, while the places may differ from one chart to another, you are likely to find (almost) the same companies on all lists. Here is our own list of leading car insurance companies.

1. Geico


Geico is on top of our preferences. We have friends who have insured anything between a 50-car fleet and an Oldsmobile, and they never had any issues with claims. The customer service department is friendly, they actually sound like they are there to help you and not some bored call center operators you may have run into with other companies. Their rates are fairly accessible, but if you dig well enough you may find cheaper companies.

2. Liberty Mutual

Even though they aren’t the most competitively priced in the industry (not by a long shot actually), they have our number two spot because of their top notch customer support. They are professional, friendly and, most important, honest. They won’t ever try to con you into buying policies you don’t need, just for the sake of an extra dollar – they realized that professionalism pays off in the long run.

3. Progressive

The best thing we liked about Progressive was that they make the whole claim process be as easy as it can get. Again, they are not the cheapest on the market, but the fact that you won’t spend days with getting your car fixed after an accident is well worth the money.


USAA must be one of the cheapest insurers in the industry, yet they don’t compromise on the quality of service. It’s funny how a good friend of ours got a call from a competitor company representative who tried to sell her a policy and, when she told she was with USAA, they said they couldn’t beat them. Again, a well-grounded company, with a long proven track of paying every time, and on time, for damages. USAA is well worth being in our top ten.

5. State Farm

Number five spot goes to State Farm, yet another company run by professionals who know what they are doing. They have offline branches all-over the US, so if you’re not keen on calling a toll-free number then you can always meet up with one of their local representatives. They excel with other than car insurance as well, so if you need a house or health insurance we would warmly recommend them.

6. Esurance

“Cheap” and “quality service” is what describes Esurance best. As a 40 year old male driver with nothing more than one or two fender benders and a speeding ticket in the last two years you paying a bit more than $500 a year for an average car – much less than what competition would bill you.

7. Allstate

Allstate is probably the only insurer (well, among the ones worth mentioning) who doesn’t charge extra if you don’t live together with your spouse. If you ever get detached with work to another state – or even somewhere in the same state, but can’t commute and have to live together – other companies will regard you as a risky driver and, therefore, charge more. We are not here to question standards but, if you find yourself in this situation, you should try Allstate.

8. 21st Century Insurance

While 21st Century Insurance couldn’t have made it to the top ten a few years ago, they are surely worth a spot now, since they offer free roadside assistance to all customers. Their customer support is also on par with the industry requirements, so, again, they are warmly recommended.

9. Nationwide

Nationwide offers some of the best discounts if you hold more than one policy with them. They are perfect for families – homeowners with two or more cars who also get health insurances with them. It’s also good to have all policies on the same bill and only write one check.

10. AAA

Last, but not least, comes AAA. Yet not the cheapest, they do have a proven track of honoring claims on time, every time. Backed up by a responsive customer service department, they are well worth being on our list.

If you don’t agree with our list and the classifications, please contribute. What were your experiences with other companies? Should any from the list be moved up or down?

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