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Budget Auto Insurance for Low Income Drivers

Obtaining car insurance is a key part of the responsibility of being a car owner. While finding car insurance can be fairly easy, budget auto insurance may be a bit trickier. Too many consumers do not take the time to read their policy to fully understand where the costs come from or to research possible discounts to help contain the cost.


When comparing insurance companies, it is important to not only compare their coverage options but also the types of discounts they may offer. Here are some examples of discounts available to reduce costs:

  1. Multiple policy discounts. For many people, car insurance is not the only type of insurance they carry. If one is able to carry their home owners/renter’s insurance, personal property insurance, or they currently insure multiple cars. By consolidating policies with the same company usually means lower rates for each policy. Overall, these savings can be significant!
  2. Discounts through work, a credit union or professional associations. It is worth a few minutes of research to find out if there are group discounts available. This discount is often a percentage off or special basic rates and can lead to a great budget auto insurance policy without giving up key features. These discounts can be found by contacting customer service at one’s credit union, researching on line and even contacting organizations like the college alumni association.
  3. Demographic based discounts. Some insurance companies give discounts based on age, and other demographic details. Be sure to explore these smaller discounts as they will add up to larger savings in the long run. This includes good student discounts if you have younger drivers on a family policy.
  4. Be careful not to purchase a policy just based on a gimmick one doesn’t need. As you compare different companies that claim to offer budget auto insurance you will find many of the larger companies run specials like free road side assistance plans or rebates. Take the time to see how much is really being saved on these add-ons because in many cases one pays more for all the other parts of the policy to these items are far from “free”. Paying too much for other parts of a plan suddenly makes those freebies costly and
  5. Customize a plan. If one drives an older car or one that is owned outright, there is no need to pay extra for some features that are often included in a pre-bundled package. This includes things like the option of buying coverage to pay off the full amount of the car loan should the car be totaled, or the option of buying a year newer car. Avoiding several smaller charges one doesn’t need will allow one to find a budget auto insurance policy that truly fits both their budget and insurance needs.

By following any or all of these tips, you can find an affordable auto insurance to carry that will meet your protection needs, without busting your wallet.

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