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How to Get the Best Insurance Quotes for Auto Owners

As an auto owner, getting the best insurance quotes can sometimes be tricky. Everybody is looking for the cheapest rates -- cheap in terms of affordable service while still keeping a top notch quality standard. This site will give you some tips on how to save money with auto insurance.

Shop around

This is the one of the key ways auto owners can save money with insurance. Don't sign a contract with an insurance company just because you believe they are the best. Don't listen to what your friends and family tell you, and don't listen to the commercials on TV -- you won't know that a company offers you the best rates until you compare at least half a dozen ones.

The good news is that we are no longer living in the nineties, and broadband Internet is widely available these days. There are many online auto insurance comparison tools that let you pull quotes from a myriad of different insurance carriers. Such software saves you time, because you get to fill out one single form and the system shows you what your chosen insurers have to offer.

Work the deductibles

A higher deductible would lower your premium, so set it as high as you can afford, without breaking the bank. Don't go overboard with it -- if you have to max out your credit cards just to pay the deductible then it would be a false economy.

If you have a financed car, then the lien holder might impose certain deductibles on your coverage. Otherwise, if you are the auto owner, you can choose whatever deductible you deem fit for your budget.

Get anti-theft devices

The safer your car is, the lower the premium will be. The reason is quite obvious -- if the car is an open invitation to thieves, then the risk of it being stolen is considerably high. Equip your vehicle with an alarm system, a GPS tracking device or a measly wheel lock and your wallet will thank you afterwards.

Pay yearly policies

Paying for a year in advance would entitle you to a consistent discount. One 12-month policy is much cheaper than two six-month ones, and you will be often saving as much as 20% of a year's value. Another reason why you will want to get a yearly policy is that the insurers bind themselves not to raise the premium for the whole duration of the contract. If you lodge a claim when you are one month into your 12-month policy, then you will be paying the same rate for the next 11 months.

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