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Complaining Against an Auto Insurance Company

It may happen every once in a while that your insurance company doesn’t follow the contractual agreements. Mishaps may occur especially with large companies – it’s a matter of statistics. An employee might forget to process a payment, bills may get lost in the mail or you may just not agree with the way your insurer decided to settle your claim. This guide will show you how to go about complaining against an auto insurance company.


Contact your insurance representative

A lot of complaints are solved by mitigation. It could be that you misunderstood some terms in the policy contract you signed, or that your insurer did a mistake. Be calm, put your point through and ask for clarification. If this doesn’t work, move on with the steps below.

Prepare your file

You will need your insurance documents before getting started. Look for the contract you originally signed and the last couple of bills, to prove you are up to date with payments. Look up any correspondence you may have had with your company related to your claim. If you took notes while talking on the phone with your insurer or exchanged any emails you will want to bring those in too.

Look up the contact information of your state’s Department of Insurance

All American states have a Department of Insurance – even though it may be called differently. They are government institutions in charge with mediating any conflicts between consumers and insurance companies. The easiest way is probably to visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) at http://www.naic.org. Put down the contact details of your state’s Department of Insurance.

Determine the validity of your complaint

Valid complaint scenarios should be listed on each Department’s website. You will basically have to claim (and be able to prove) that your insurer didn’t follow some contractual terms, including, but not limited to, cancellations, refunds, settlements, solving claims or other coverage issues. All State Insurance Departments have hotlines where you can talk to an representative who can help you out.

File the complaint

Some State Departments have online forms you can fill out, such as this form for Texas residents, while will others you will have to print them out and mail them to an address. Make sure you complete the forms as accurately as possible. List the events in chronological order and leave out all heat and anger – you should communicate clearly and concisely. Attach the required documentation. Do not send in originals, always make copies – large state offices have a proven track record of losing documents. You may have to present the originals later, if asked.

Wait patiently

Such claims are usually solved within ten to thirty days, but due to the large number of complaints it may take longer. If you haven’t received any feedback on your file, you may want to follow up after three or four weeks to make sure your submission was received. Follow back afterwards if, again, you haven’t heard back from them and ask about the status.

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