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On Day Car Insurance - S24 Hours Coverage

One day car insurance is a policy that can last literally for one day or up to six months, providing liability and other coverage to a person who operates but does not own the vehicle. It is ideal for people who borrow cars (but not frequently enough for a non-owners insurance policy), and those who need to drive for a number of reasons (moving, vacations, etc.) but aren’t otherwise insured.

One Day Car Insurance – Who Qualifies?


Because it is short term insurance, it is often considered higher risk—and those who do not have good driving records or fall into high-risk categories may find they are unable to obtain one day auto coverage.

Those who will qualify automatically for one day car insurance include the following characteristics:

  • Those aged 21-75 (too young or the very elderly fall into the high-risk categories).
  • Those without a DUI/DWI on their driving record.
  • Those with fewer than six points in three years on their licenses.
  • Those who have a license in good standing for at least five years.
  • Those without any at-fault claims over three years past.

Of course, individual insurance companies will have different requirements and standards for who can obtain coverage, but they may also demand higher premiums from those who pose a greater risk driving.

Best Applications for Single Day Car Insurance

There are a lot of reasons for people to obtain one day vehicle insurance coverage. A few examples of who benefit most would be:

  • People who borrow a friend’s or neighbor’s truck to move or to haul items.
  • Those who are going on vacation and aren’t sure they will have enough coverage for their rental.
  • Those who may need to borrow a friend’s or neighbor’s car on occasion, but not often enough to pay for non-owners insurance.
  • Those who are looking to buy a car and plan to do a lot of test drives over a short period of time.

Basically, one day auto insurance is good for anyone who needs to use someone’s car for a short period of time, or don’t plan to drive a very long distance with it (such as moving in the same city, but just a different neighborhood). The nature of accidents is unpredictability, so it’s very important to have coverage in any situation.

Selecting a one day auto insurance policy is good for those who will be using a friend’s truck to move their belongings, travelers to another country who will be renting cars and want to ensure that they have adequate coverage, and those who will be doing some car shopping and want to do test drives at different dealerships. Being willing to shop for policies, and with a clean driving record, finding a policy at a good price is simple, and one day car insurance makes sense to purchase peace of mind when using another person’s (or company’s) property.

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